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Ointments veterinary JODERMAL S

Care of skin of the animals is an important part of care for each pet. Just because skin forms is a sort of protective layer of the body from harmful environmental influences. However, that is why many times animals meet with the infections, injuries and various diseases.

In many cases, unfortunately, animal owners are not treating their animals skin wounds or diseases and rely on the fact that the wound heal itself over time. But precisely this can have a significant negative impact on the quality and length of life of the animal. Ointments veterinary JODERMAL S is there not only for your pet but also for horses, cattle, pigs or sheep. Veterinary ointment JODERMAL S contains organic form of iodine, what can heals the skin of the animals. It improves blood circulationreducing inflammation and swelling of the affected area. Ointments veterinary JODERMAL S is also suitable for treating paws of your dog. It contains no chemical ingredients or dyes.

Animals of each species, pets and farm animals are part and parcel of life on this earth. Veterinary ointment JODERMAL S- for various diseases of the animals skin!