Jodermal A

JODERMAL A (100ml)

39.90 €

Ointments veterinary JODERMAL A

Infection, disease, or injury to the skin relatively often accompany animal life. However, their impact can be to their health and life dangerous. Their treatment is often underestimated or comes too late.

Unpleasant consequences of injuries, but also the inception of skin diseases or infections in animals can be prevented. We introduce You JODERMAL A- veterinary ointment with organic form of iodine. Gently promotes faster healing of broken skin, wounds, burns, but also in the treatment of eczema, ear yeast or fungal infections. Ointment has a local antiseptic effect, reducing the risk of infection and help reduce itching.

Ointments veterinary JODERMAL A  is suitable for pets, dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents, but also cattle, goats, sheep, horses, or pigs.

Animals of each species, pets and farm animals are part and parcel of life on this earth. For all diseases, infections, inflammation or injury to the skin of animals is here and veterinary ointment JODERMAL A!