Alarming statistics

Previous lines inform you about a problem why we need iodine at every stage of our lives. The following lines will be devoted to the professional statistics, which are drawn from surveys of World Health Organization (WHO). We already know that the endocrine system needs organic form of iodine for the correct and sufficient production of hormones. Unfortunately, the possibility of sufficient intake from regular food is very limited. This argument is largely based on the WHO survey, which indicates that more than two billion of people worldwide suffer from insufficient iodine intake. This number represents one third of total world population and just in Europe, it represents over 52% of population. The most obvious manifestations of iodine deficiency in humans are brain diseases and disorders of thyroid function. WHO warns and identifies the need to address these alarming numbers and also encourages the prevention of this global problem.

Everything is connected to everything. What the water is for humans, the organic iodine is for our bodies. From the fetus until our last moments, JODA ORGANIKA® is a solution for better and more quality life.

It’s Time

Where is the life on Earth heading? What all have we destroyed and what have we built? Some things work right, some things bother us… However, depending on evolution of our civilization and the way of dealing with natural resources, it seems as a prophecy what the Indian Chief once said: „When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.„ (Seattle r. 1854).

Something needs to be done! Do you ask what? How? It’s easy! Let’s start, every man for himself! Do not throw away the garbage on the street; instead of driving, walk 100 meters on foot; do not keep the lights on in the room when nobody is in there; drink clean water; have a spoon of iodine…Guidelines and options are numerous. Just start someway, little by little…