Forms of Iodine

For better understanding of our product JODA ORGANIKA®, as a complex, it is important to understand the terminology of it composition behind “biologically – active – organic” iodine.

Biologically (biology)

Biology is a science that studies the organisms and their functioning, both from the perspective as whole unit as well as in terms of its individual cells. This aspect is directly linked to JODA ORGANIKA® whereas iodine is part of every cell of our body. Subsequently, cells form tissues, ligaments, interconnections and linkages of various forms and merge into sub-systems and systems to create the final form – human body.


Active is well known, frequently used word with a fairly clear meaning. However in this case, it does not mean that JODA ORGANIKA® performs fast activities but that its agent iodine constantly produces chemical reactions in individual cells that are part of one whole unit – a body.



Inorganic means it is of mineral character and related to non-living substances. We can say that inorganic substances (any) and therefore the inorganic iodine as well, do not follow the laws of living nature, the laws of the living organism.


Organic means it is alive substance, associated with a plant or an animal organism. We can also say that organic has a living, growing, evolving character. If something is organic, it means that it has a form familiar to the body and thus can be intaken without any difficulties. Whereas natural supplement JODA ORGANIKA® contains an organic form of iodine, the body can accept it without any negative or unwanted consequences.