Iodine sufficiency and Iodine deficiency

Due to the fact that neither a person nor his central nervous system recognizes the sufficient levels of iodine in body, we will concentrate on analyzing the lack of iodine in the body and its subsequent effects. All what the lack of iodine deteriorates, in oppose, the sufficient level of iodine fixes. In the introduction, again based on the scientific knowledge, bellow are beneficial effects of sufficient levels of iodine:

  • - Supports the formation of adequate amount of thyroid gland hormones and overall proper functioning of the thyroid
  • - Proper metabolism necessary for energy formation
  • - Controls proper functioning of the nervous system
  • - Normal development and growth of children
  • - Maintains healthy skin and nails

On the contrary, lack of iodine in the human body causes numerous serious damages. Simply said, it results in loss of balance (disharmony) of overall organism and consequent development of various diseases. The iodine deficiency causes physiological complications and emergence of civilization diseases, mental retardation especially in children, endangers the proper development of fetal brain, results in learning disabilities in children, fatigue, slow reflexes, decreased IQ, problems of women with the menstrual cycle, problems with pregnancy and infertility, fertility disorders of men, changes in body weight, tendency to depression, compromised immunity and last but not least, the emergence of some cancer diseases and tumors, cardiovascular system disorders and anemia.