It is not easy to briefly explain the nature of our dietary supplement JODA ORGANIKA®, so we decided to split our explanation into two basic steps. The first section provides really simple answers to the question what JODA ORGANIKA® is in general and what is our nutritional supplement suitable for. If you found information in the first section interesting, please continue reading the second section where we discuss this topic in more detail.



JODA ORGANIKA® is a dietary supplement that supplies the human body with biologically active organic iodine. If the human body has enough of organic iodine, its endocrine glands work normal and healthy way. If the human body does not have enough of organic iodine, the endocrine glands do not work in correct and healthy way, which results in various malfunctioning of organism. Using of JODA ORGANIKA® shall be mainly preventive, but in a case of disturbances caused by lack of organic iodine in the body, JODA ORGANIKA® greatly helps in restoring the healthy balance and proper functioning of the internal environment and the endocrine glands. Dear visitors of our site, if you are interested to learn more about JODA ORGANIKA®, please continue reading the step two.


The nutritional supplement JODA ORGANIKA® is the product which is made of vegetable origin (more info in section Composition) with multiple active ingredients. These substances are very beneficial to the human body. Therefore, we can confidently say that a dietary supplement JODA ORGANIKA® is a system of the active components with the importance of biologically active organic iodine which ensures the proper functioning of nine endocrine glands (see Endocrine System sub-chapter). All endocrine glands need for their normal activities sufficient source of iodine in organic form (there is a difference between organic and inorganic form, see sub-chapter Forms of Iodine).

Thanks to the abundance of biologically active organic iodine in the system, the human body functions correctly. In case of absence of biologically active organic iodine, the activities of the endocrine glands are negatively affected which results in dysfunction of the thyroid gland.



The main component of JODA ORGANIKA® is the pumpkin oil, cold pressed, in this case having the function of a transporter or for the clearer understanding – the carrier. The biologically active iodine gets into our bodies attached to the pumpkin oil, where through the mucous membranes and the blood travels to the target destination – the endocrine glands.

The thyroid gland is the organ, which controls the necessary levels of iodine of all other glands of endocrine system and at the same time, it is the biggest consumer of organic iodine received by our organism. Apart from the pumpkin oil, the second component of JODA ORGANIKA®, which in this case is also the most important one for our bodies, is iodine. The need of iodine for our bodies is discussed in other sub-chapters (Iodine sufficiency and iodine deficiency).

We would like to emphasize that dietary supplement JODA ORGANIKA® contains an organic form of iodine