How much iodine do we need?

According to the World Health Organization adult needs about 150 micrograms of iodine per day. In most conscious countries, such as Germany and Japan, are advised to use several times more iodine.

Do we have enough iodine?

It is well known that Europe is naturally low in iodine. Iodine deficiency is therefore one of the most pressing health problems in the body.

Is it possible to achieve excess iodine?

On the contrary, using oily organic iodine, is suitable for body. If you take inorganic iodine – synthetic, its overuse can cause permanent damage to the thyroid gland.

Is the additional use of iodine necessary and useful?

Iodized salt diet and the body can not adequately replace the need for organic iodine. The body has an increased need to adopt organic iodine particularly during stress, tension, disease and during physical and mental stress. Therefore, the use of a dietary supplement JODA ORGANIKA® with active organic iodine is very important help in overcoming thrust and stress.

Test yourself

 Please answer the following questions for your information:

  1. Has your body enough iodine?
  2. Do you often feel the fatigue, drowsiness or lethargy?
  3. Is it difficult for you to concentrate?
  4. Is it difficult for you getting up early?
  5. Is your hair quality not healthy? Do your hair fall down?
  6. Are your nails weak?
  7. Are you cold-sensitive? Are you often cold? Do you have cold finger tips?
  8. Do you have irregular bowel movements?
  9. Do you not lose weight despite the fact, that you have modified diet and exercised regularly?
  10. Is it easy for you get stressed?
  11. Do you often feel weak and without energy?
  12. Question for men: do you have a problem with potency?
  13. Question for women: do you have irregular periods?
  14. Do you have a cyst (the breast or ovary)?

0-2 positive response – Your body is fine. JODA ORGANIKA® is recommended to you to take preventivly. However, remember that the prevention is important and better than frequent visits to the doctor or subsequent use of medicines.

3-5 positive responses – Your body suffers from a lack of organic iodine and you should start to use JODA ORGANIKA® immediately. Consequently, we recommend you to repeat the test in a month and watch the progress of your health condition.

6-8 positive responses – If you answered yes to the questions in this range, we would suggest you to visit the doctor. You should take JODA ORGANIKA® immediately, because your body needs help!

9 or more positive responses – In this case , see a doctor immediately! Your body is crying out for help!


Have you ever wondered what a person does when he/she gets into trouble, is injured, gets burned, simply anytime when is in danger? The answer to this question is simple. He/she seeks for help. Police – assist and protect. Firefi ghters help with a fi re fi ghting or the aftermath of various disasters and catastrophes. Army protects the state and its citizens against external enemies and also assists people in removing the damages of disasters. The doctor helps with treatment of illness or injury. In critical situations, we always call for help. It is important to remember how many times in life we are dependent on someone’s help.

helpWhen our body needs help, also asks for it. And it is up to us to provide the assistance. If your body asks for help, do not be oblivious to it. Listen to this call and help! Your body will thank you for it. Our aim is to help you in cases when your body lacks the organic iodine.

Our website will show you when you need this assistance. Your body will be grateful for the support received through dietary supplement JODA ORGANIKA® with biologically active organic iodine. Don´t refuse the assistance we offer you. At this point, we would like to thank you for visiting our website because you have taken the fi rst step towards the acceptance of offered aid and subsequent real and effective help to your body.

Thank you